Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We Urge the US Government to Implement Universal Health Insurance

My wife and I have a Japanese national heath insurance, which covers our basic needs with about $650 a month. It includes basic dental cares as well. It makes us feel secure since we are getting old. I am 61 and my wife is 48. So we urge our US goverment to implement some kinds of universal health insurance now since we get back to the US in a few years.

A. Kishida
Orange County, California


www.democratz.org said...

A Call to action.

I have seen and spoke to a lot of well meaning Democrats wanting to make change in Washington and they issue petitions but they refuse to boycott the friends of those who would block progressive action and legislation. Such Democrats unnecessarily tie their left hand behind their backs. I urge people to consider boycotting the friends of those conservatives in congress in order to force them to sit up and take notice and capitulate to our demands. In our country money appears an important factor in getting action done. We need to go on a purchasing strike against the friends of regressives in order to force them to cooperate with us. It appears peaceful and legal in an atmosphere of legalized bribery in congress. We need to take back control over our purchases and how the profits get spent especially how they get used for legalized bribery in congress. We indirectly fund conservatives in congress through our purchases. We need to set conditions for our purchases through targeted boycotts.

If you don't like a particular TV program, you call their sponsors and tell them you will boycott them until the program either goes off the air or changes to your liking. This works similar with political parties, politicians and their sponsors (campaign contributors).

If you have a blog please post this on your blog. I want to get at least 100,000 people to sign these petitions, the first one which you can demand single payer health care and a fix to the Medicare prescription drug benefit.

Read and sign these legislative petitions please and get hundreds of people to sign them and they will automatically go to Republican minority leaders Sen. McConnell and Rep. Boehner right away once you sign the petition.






Spread this announcement around the country. Set up groups in each state to distribute this information about these petitions and get people to sign these petitions.

Anonymous said...

I am American and I used to live in the UK.

I got an infection. The NHS sent me away repeatedly. The absess got worse, and they contined to do no treatment whatsoever.

I returned to the US and the treated it wonderfully and immediately.

I am a single payer-naysayer.