Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My daughter's ER care was free

On Thursday night, April 9th, 2009, my daughter (9 years old) spilled boiling water on her foot. Since I was not sure of the severity, we took her to the local hospital ER and were seen by a doctor within 20 minutes (fortunately, it was not so severe). Since we had also registered the children in advance with the city (and received the papers stating we had done so) I just had to show our insurance card and the preregistration for hospital care. Her treatment was free. We were given a letter of introduction for a local clinic to follow up her care the next day, and that examination and treatment were also free. We were told to return after two days for another examination and treatment at the clinic--again free!

There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of in changing the healthcare system in the US! It will only benefit the thousands of people who don't have access to it in the present situation.

Brooke Yamaki

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