Thursday, March 12, 2009

I appreciate the psychological security of being covered

When I enrolled in Japan's National Health Insurance program, I used to protest and complain that I had to pay for all of the people who went to the doctor for every little ailment or just hung out at hospitals to see their friends and because they had nothing better to do. However, I realized that in whatever circumstance I'm in - illness, accident, emergency - I am covered for medical treatment. Of course, the coverage is basic, but it covers dental and that really helps. I can go about my life not worrying about how I will be able to pay for medical treatment because the Japanese government will take care of most of my basic needs.

I switched to shiokyosai insurance for educators, but I now really appreciate the psychological security of being covered.

Edwin Aloiau (orginally from Honolulu, Hawaii)
Tokyo, Japan

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