Saturday, March 1, 2008

The hospitals don't turn anyone away...

My experience with the Japanese national health care system has been positive over my eight years here. I pay 30% on all necessary medical and dental procedures, which makes it possible to take care of myself properly on a roughly $2600 / mo salary. Two years ago I broke a metacarpal bone in my hand doing martial arts, and I got surgery for less than $300 at my local hospital. It has healed perfectly. Another plus of the system: even if you forget to pay your premiums, you can get treatment on the spot and pay later. They don't turn anyone away. My only issue with the system is that regular gynecological checkups aren't covered!!! You have to pretend you have a pain in order to get an exam. But 90% positive especially in comparison to my ghastly experience with New York City public hospitals, aka the first circle of hell.


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