Saturday, March 1, 2008

Americans are worried about choice. In Japan, there IS choice...

I dont know a single Japanese person who would prefer the US system.

There was a time when I fell through the cracks in Japan and had to pay full price, and even then it was way cheaper than in the US.

Americans are worried about choice. In Japan there are many hospitals to choose from, and some are better for certain specialties than others. There IS choice.

Also, there are supplemental private insurance plans to take up any slack in the nat'l system.

Many people in the US have no choice!

One more thing: even if people fear the system will run in the red, so what? It's a worthy thing to spend money on. The fire department runs in the red but it serves an important purpose.

In Japan highways are expensive to use (tolls) and hospitals are cheap. In America it's the opposite. We will spend taxes for free roads but not for health care. Shows where the priorities are.

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shewhocares said...

Arguments against universal health care always cite an inability to choose your own doctor. I don't understand how a country of HMOs, which specifically limits one's ability to choose their own doctor, can possibly complain about another country's practices. I have far more choice in Japan than I had when I lived in the US.